Product Marketing Analyst

Los Angeles | Marketing and Communications

As’s family of products continues to grow with the EOSIO platform, we are looking for a Product Marketing Analyst to help drive analysis and marketing content. The position is based in our Los Angeles office, being a critical bridge between the Engineering, Marketing, and Creative teams aligning individual business unit activities to effectively grow our products in the market.


In this role, you’ll work closely across multi-functional teams to ensure campaigns are on schedule and statuses remain visible to all stakeholders. The role will require creative skills - writing technical content for campaigns, analysis - tracking performance of marketing initiatives for our products, and organizational skills - maintaining deliverables across multiple projects. is a multi-cultural and multi-faceted company; successful candidates should have a flexible and collaborative personality and the ability to work remotely across teams around the world. Although our products can be very technical, their true value will be recognized across a wide range of global personas, from government and business leaders to consumer users and developers.




  • Assist the Product Marketing team in successfully bringing software products to market.
  • Contribute to go to market planning supporting the launch of future products.
  • Identify & track metrics to determine the effectiveness of product marketing activities throughout the entire customer lifecycle and ensuring a successful product launch.
  • Draft product content, writing messaging for social, digital, and event related initiatives.
  • Actively track deliverables by organizing the team and maintaining schedules for content.
  • Contribute to an inter-departmental process to disseminate product release milestones within the company.
  • Work closely with the Product Marketing team to assess stakeholder needs and team challenges to create and enable effective solutions.



  • Baseline understanding of blockchain technology and a natural interest in emerging technologies
  • Creative writing skills to author content that communicates our product’s value on both a business and technical level
  • Analytical mindset and interest in performance based marketing techniques
  • Excellent communication, organization, and interpersonal skills to build trust across all aspects of the business and relate to each department
  • Ability to empathize and communicate well with a variety of personas: marketing, development, creative, and legal
  • Broad operating experience across business and technical roles with sound strategic thinking capabilities while wearing multiple hats
  • Thrive in an ever changing environment and adapt with the direction of the company, product, and industry evolve rapidly through multiple iterations
  • Inquisitive nature, desire to grow, and be constantly learning from each team’s perspective and individual goals


  • 2+ years of Project Management, Marketing, or Product experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree or PMP preferred
  • Experience taking technical products to market is a plus
  • Ability to support late night and/or early morning meetings with groups working in 3-12 hour time zone differences
  • Ability to work effectively with cross-functional teams, both technical and non-technical
  • Must be comfortable working in a fast paced environment with multicultural individuals across the world.


About LLC LLC is a leader in providing high-performance blockchain solutions building a more secure and connected world. Currently we, along with others globally, are developing EOSIO, a revolutionary open-source blockchain infrastructure that will be used worldwide as the basis for developing countless high-throughput blockchain applications. We are looking for extraordinary professionals to join the LLC team in our continuing journey to build scalable blockchain solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.




Published by, EOSIO is a blockchain protocol that enables horizontal scaling of decentralized applications, allowing developers to efficiently create high performance distributed applications. The EOSIO software provides accounts, authentication, databases, and the scheduling of applications across multiple CPU cores and/or clusters. This allows for horizontal scalability, replaces user fees with an ownership model, and powers simple deployment of decentralized applications. Check out the EOSIO GitHub repository to read our source code and, for more information, visit the EOSIO website.



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