Project Manager

Blacksburg | Operations

We are seeking a Project Manager who will facilitate projects under the direction of our Senior Operations Manager.  The Project Manager will be responsible for managing multiple project plans associated with business initiatives and project management process set-up.  In addition, the Project Manager will ensure deadlines are met, ensure internal and external project team members and stakeholders are kept updated on project plan status, and work to resolve any issues demanding management attention.   


  • Demonstrate solid project management skills.
  • Develop and maintain project plans.  
  • Lead the planning, scheduling, and supervision of assigned projects to ensure progress against the goals and objectives.
  • Determine, suggest, and help implement project management approaches, tools, and techniques.
  • Serve as primary liaison between internal project teams and other stakeholders.
  • Proactively manage expectations and provide timely information to managers, co-workers, clients and partners.  
  • Establish appropriate approvals and committed deliverables are met on time and reviews are completed.
  • Analyze information and evaluate results to solve problems and recommend solutions.
  • Ensure decisions needed, changes to project timelines, and changes to project scope are communicated and documented.  
  • Plan and work independently to prioritize and complete tasks and projects.  
  • Track, compile, and coordinate project related updates.
  • Develop and implement constructive resolutions to improve compliance, controls, and efficiencies while balancing risk and cost.  


  • Bachelor’s Degree plus in depth experience in project management required.
  • Strong experience in business analysis, reporting of business data, problem identification, resolution, and root cause analysis.
  • Professional background that includes cross-functional management of complex projects.
  • Strong organizational, analytical, facilitation, and presentation skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Good stakeholder management skills and ability to foster collaborative working relationships.
  • Strong technology and business acumen.
  • Must possess extreme attention to detail, superb follow-up skills, and excellent critical thinking ability.
  • PMP or other project management qualification desired.

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