Technical Project Manager

Arlington, VA | IT

We are looking for a Technical Project Manager to support numerous projects within our Corporate IT department.


  • Facilitate project kick-off and status meetings and communicate individual roles and project expectations

  • Monitor project milestones and critical dates to identify potential jeopardy of project schedule, and identify ways to resolve schedule issues

  • Ensure that risks associated with the cost, resource, schedule, and technical aspects of the project are identified, assessed, documented, tracked, and mitigated

  • Provide services to build, deploy, enhance and maintain a state-of-the art information technology portfolio.

  • Assist with product migrations and provide hands on assistance with product administration

  • Prepare reporting to assist with product and licensing



  • 5+ years of Project Management experience

  • PMP desired

  • Detailed-oriented, results-driven, high-energy and motivated

  • Delivery of high quality deliverables utilizing best practices, project management tools, and methodologies to ensure on-time / on-budget delivery, along with optimization of production system availability and stability

  • Must exhibit flexibility and the ability to complete tasks other than Project Management, if necessary

  • Ability to support late night and/or early morning meetings with groups working in 3-12 hour time zone differences


About LLC LLC is a creator of Decentralized Autonomous Corporations (DACs), a concept introduced by CTO Daniel Larimer in 2014 that empowers open source communities to disrupt existing centralized business models. Currently we, along with others globally, are developing EOSIO, a revolutionary open-source decentralized blockchain infrastructure that will be used worldwide as the basis for developing countless high-throughput blockchain applications. We are looking for extraordinary technology professionals to join the LLC team in our continuing quest to enhance, refine and scale EOSIO for our rapidly expanding developer community.



Published by, EOSIO is a blockchain protocol that enables horizontal scaling of decentralized applications, allowing developers to efficiently create high performance distributed applications. The EOSIO software provides accounts, authentication, databases, and the scheduling of applications across multiple CPU cores and/or clusters. This allows for horizontal scalability, replaces user fees with an ownership model, and powers simple deployment of decentralized applications. Check out the EOSIO GitHub repository to read our source code and, for more information, visit the resources section of the EOSIO website.



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