’s senior executives recently spoke at the inaugural blockchain conference hosted by Virginia Tech, in Blacksburg, Virginia. VT is alma mater to CTO Dan Larimer, and receives mentoring, advice on its blockchain curricula as well as funding from

Moderated by CNBC “Worldwide Exchange” Anchor Brian Sullivan, also a graduate of VT, Brendan answered a diverse set of questions, including governance, regulation, fiat currencies, the industry’s expected growth, government use of blockchain and his hopes about his legacy 20 years from now. He also addressed the “healthy middle ground” that would help blockchain thrive.

Watch Brendan’s fireside chat with Brian Sullivan of CNBC:

Dan made “integrity” the cornerstone of his keynote address, calling it the “higher purpose” that goes beyond creating innovative technology. He addressed the need for multiple blockchains, the dangers of centralization and a lack of choices, and how blockchain can improve voting, accounting and legal processes. 

Watch Dan’s presentation in the final session of the summit:

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