wishes to remind EOS ERC-20 token holders, in addition to third parties holding such tokens for others, of their risks and responsibilities under the EOS Token Contract, specifically in relation to the registration of tokens prior to the June 1, 2018 token freeze. All concerned are advised to carefully review the EOS Token Purchase Agreement, as revised on September 4, 2017.

The Agreement outlines both the responsibilities and risks incurred by token holders, as well as the process by which EOS ERC-20 tokens held on the Ethereum blockchain might be transferred over to any new chain that is created using the EOSIO software protocol. Please remember that will not launch any of the initial chains. It is up to others to adopt and implement the open source EOSIO software develops. As such, there is no assurance or guarantee that any EOS ERC-20 tokens can be transferred or otherwise exchanged for tokens on any new EOSIO blockchain.

Exchanges and third parties holding tokens for others should be aware of their duty to notify beneficiaries of all terms and conditions. Token holders, meanwhile, are reminded to protect their private keys from scammers attempting to gain control of their accounts. In particular, they should refrain from downloading, compiling, installing or running software from untrusted or anonymous sources, and from using their private key to log in to untrusted applications.

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