As prepares to release version 1.0 of our EOSIO software, it is important for the developer community to understand how they can use the software and obtain commercial support.

Since the start of EOSIO development, has maintained that it would not launch nor operate a public blockchain based upon the ERC20 EOS tokens. This still holds true, and there are already several community driven efforts to utilize our software to launch one or more chains.

Version 1.0 of EOSIO will be tagged on our EOSIO GitHub repository. The software released by will only provide example contracts and general documentation. It will not be possible to utilize the code from the EOSIO repository to connect to any public blockchain.

Entrepreneurs interested in building their own blockchain derived from our EOSIO software can fork our repository and customize it for their use. This customization can include configuring token supply, initial distribution, default seed nodes, token symbols, and more.


Many are eager to receive free airdrops offered by one or more community driven initiatives. Scammers may attempt to utilize this time to launch chains and/or distribute software designed to steal your private keys. Please remember to carefully read and review everything associated with a project before taking any action.

A scammer that successfully steals your key will gain control of your account(s) on all community blockchains. For this reason it is critical that users do not download, compile, install, or run software from untrusted GitHub repositories. Please use caution before using any community efforts, as will not review, certify, nor endorse any specific effort.

Before compiling code from a potential EOSIO fork, please use diff tools to identify how the author modified’s reference code to support their chain. If you are unable to audit the code yourself, find or hire someone you trust to do it for you.

Secondly, do not run code published by anonymous sources. Everyone should carefully vet any team that manages an official GitHub repository for a chain. The team responsible for the GitHub repository will also be responsible for coordinating all official releases, upgrades, hard forks, etc.  While GitHub allows anyone to fork the software for a chain, developers, block producers, and exchanges will likely rely upon a semi-official GitHub repository.  Every community should make sure that their GitHub repository is in trustworthy hands.

Software Updates, Bug Fixes and Support

The EOSIO software is provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind, express or implied. If someone chooses to adopt and deploy the software, they take full responsibility for patching and upgrading the software as necessary to serve their use case. cannot offer free support to all of the potential chains that may be launched, nor can we take responsibility for bugs or unapplied patches. Any and all community-driven chains are services offered by community members to other community members. will continue to enhance the EOSIO reference software. In this process we may find and fix bugs on our own schedule. It is up to each EOSIO-based blockchain community to review, merge, and implement an upgrade strategy.

Upon the release of EOSIO 1.0, may provide support services for a fee to enterprises and individuals who require development and configuration assistance with their chain.

If you or your business are considering deploying a blockchain based upon EOSIO and anticipates it will require assistance with this process, please contact us at for more information.

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