To the and EOSIO community,

This message is to inform you that several members of the EOSIO community received a phishing email on May 27 that included a link to a scam website claiming to be able to register EOS Tokens ahead of the end of the EOS Token distribution. Some of these emails came from the Zendesk support system, which was temporarily breached when the message was sent.

This message, which contains the words “upcoming June 1st update!” in its subject line, is not an official communication. The website it references,, has been flagged as a scam by the Ethereum Phishing Detector and it is in no way affiliated with or EOSIO. has not released any new site. learned of this matter quickly after it occurred and sent an email to the addresses that received the phishing message to warn users. The company has also temporarily shut down Zendesk as it investigates the matter. As a result, users may experience slightly longer delays than normal for support responses and we apologize for any inconvenience caused. is also investigating the method by which the sender of the phishing email was able to mimic or utilize actual email addresses. We believe that the sender had access to certain systems and may have seen emails sent to or from email addresses related to and its affiliates. Through that access, the sender may have seen personal information if it was communicated in an email. takes information security seriously and we encourage everyone in the community to remain on high alert for scams, phishing, hacks and other activities from bad actors as the end of the token distribution occurs. released an EOSIO 1.0 Update on May 15. Additional official information on the token freeze and registration can be found on the website and at our GitHub.

We will continue to keep you informed with new information as it becomes available and will work hard to fight off potential future attacks.

Thank you,

The team

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