is hard at work and nearing completion of the first live release of the EOSIO open source software.

The EOSIO software facilitates a fair and transparent block producer (BP) election process utilizing a democratic delegated proof of stake (DPoS) consensus. has no plans to be a BP on any EOSIO public blockchain derived from the EOS ERC-20 token distribution.

It is possible a number of blockchains developed by different segments of the community may implement the EOSIO platform.

In order for a successful implementation of EOSIO to occur, a corps of initial BPs must form and adopt the platform. Initial BPs may not last because EOSIO is designed to allow for replacement of BPs by community vote. and EOS VC funds do not provide investment funding to any BP and have no plans to do so in the future. Further, does not plan to hire BPs as consultants or independent contractors, nor does it allow its management, or employees serve as a BP or as an advisor to any BP. is committed to upholding the principles articulated above and will use reasonable efforts to follow and enforce them. Occasionally, situations may arise where individuals or groups fail to disclose information, are dishonest or otherwise take actions that cause violations of these principles without the company’s knowledge. cannot assume responsibility for these situations, but once known to, the company will take steps to investigate and seek to resolve the issue in a timely manner, including, when necessary or appropriate, enforcement of contract rights and related disciplinary action. appreciates the cooperation of the community to help keep the commitments outlined above. Should you become aware of any entities claiming or alluding to a relationship with in violation of these principles, please contact us at

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